Article XX - Admission of Members

Sec 1. No L.U. can admit an applicant who does not reside in, or who is not employed at the trade, in the jurisdiction of the L.U., unless the L.U. is directed to admit him by the I.P.

No L.U. can admit any applicant who formerly was a member of the I.B.E.W., or who was suspended or expelled by, or indebted to any L.U., without consent of the I.S.T and without first consulting the last L.U. of which the applicant was a member in regard to his character and record. The I.P. shall decide any case in dispute.

No L.U. can admit any applicant for membership who is a member of another L.U. except as a traveler under the provisions of Article XXIII. No person may be a member of more than one L.U. at any one time.

Sec. 2. Each applicant for membership shall fill out an application blank furnished or approved by the I.S.T, and answer all questions. The original application or a copy must be sent to the I.S.T.

Sec. 3. The acceptance of an application for membership, and the admission of time applicant into any L.U. of the I.B.E.W., constitutes a contract between the member, the L.U. and the I.B.E.W., and between such member and all other members of the I.B.E.W.

Sec. 4. Each applicant admitted, shall, in the presence of members of the I.B.E.W., repeat and sign the following obligation:

"I,_____(give name)____ , in the presence of members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, promise and agree to conform to and abide by the Constitution and laws of the I.B.E.W. and its local unions. I will further the purposes for which the I.B.E.W. is instituted. I will bear true allegiance to it and will not sacrifice its interest in any manner."

Sec. 5. The obligation card signed by the applicant shall be sent to the I.S.T.

The L.U. shall have each applicant, except as provided in Section 10 of this article, take the obligation before a regular meeting or outside the regular meeting in the presence of the President or the Vice President or the Business Manager or the Business Manager's designated representative or the Recording Secretary.

Sec. 6. Each applicant shall pay the admission fee fixed by the bylaws of the L.U. to which he applies, or such fee as approved by the I.P. and ten percent (10%) or more of such fee must accompany the application. Admission must be completed within ninety (90) days after application is made.

Sec. 7. The names of all applicants shall be read or posted at a regular meeting of the L.U. The President shall appoint a committee to pass and report upon the applications, or the Executive Board may perform this function as the L.U. may decide.

Sec. 8. If the applicant or applicants are reported upon favorably, a ballot or vote may be taken as the L.U. may decide, except as provided in Article XV. If an applicant(s) is rejected, his or their names shall not again be proposed for membership for six (6) months, and the admission fee shall be returned to the applicant. If an applicant is rejected for membership and the reasons for rejection are found to be without just cause, the L.U. shall be directed by the I.P. to immediately accept the applicant into membership.

Sec. 9. Any candidate failing to present himself for admission within one (1) month after his election and notification thereof, unless he gives good and sufficient reasons, forfeits his admission fee and cannot again be proposed for six (6) months.

Sec. 10. Any worker or employee coming under the I.B.E.W.'s jurisdiction and residing where there is no LU., who can qualify according to this Constitution, may become a member by filling out a regular application and sending it to the L.U. having jurisdiction; and if accepted, he shall sign the obligation card and send it to the L.U.

The I.S.T. may accept such an applicant directly if he feels there are good reasons for doing so.

Sec. 11. In the case of an organizing campaign, Sections 7, 8 and 9 of this Article may be waived by the I.P.

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